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5.5 inch Forged concrete pump pipe quick clamps

concrete pump pipe quick clamps

Size: dn125mm(5") forged and galvanized snap clamp

      Material: 40Cr.       Weight: 3.9kg         

      Working preesure : 130bar     Brust pressure : 280bar

      Apply flange size : SK148mm      

      Parts: safty pin      

     Surface treatment :  galvanized 

      Advantage: durable,light and low price

DN125mm 5.5

DN125mm 5.5

Packing : 

     (1). Packing in carton (270*270*270mm), per carton can hold 5 pieces clamp.

     (2). Packing in wooden pallet, 50 pcs carton per pallat, Fit for LCL goods, qty less 500 pcs.


Concrete pump clamp  15.jpg


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