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Concrete pump pipe fittings should be paid attention to in the installation of what matters

Concrete pump pipe fittings should be paid attention to in the installation of what matters

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Intheprocessofconcretepumppipeinstallation,concretepumppipefittingsandordinarypipefittingsintheinstallationofthetimeisbasicallythesame,butstillinsometechnicalmeansthereisacertaingap: Concretepumppipea

 In the process of concrete pump pipe installation, concrete pump pipe fittings and ordinary pipe fittings in the installation of the time is basically the same, but still in some technical means there is a certain gap: 

Concrete pump pipe arc starting and stopping: 

 Concrete pump pipe fittings in time arc operation archived take back welding, when the arc cleaning operation should try to fill the crater. The arc should be performed in the concrete pump pipe groove position, is strictly prohibited in the tube or pipe is in the parent material on the surface of the operation. If the defects such as air holes or cracks occur in the whole operation process, it should be treated in time. 

Concrete pump pipe fittings for continuous welding, shall ensure that the interlayer temperature controlled at 60 degrees Celsius; if the concrete pump pipe fittings in multilayer when arc arc welding operation, should be staggered position. 

Concrete pump pipe fittings and fittings in stainless steel or non concrete pump pipe fittings connection, should be the operation of backing welding joints in the welding position, and then use the nitrogen filling way of concrete pump protection or pipe is used without argon arc welding method of welding. 

When lifting the concrete pump pipe fittings, avoid direct contact with other metals, so we should be in the lifting of the bottom pad or other rubber material. 

 When the welding time of concrete pump pipe fittings and fittings, should use nitrogen protection; if the need for cutting time of concrete pump pipe fittings, prohibit the use of ordinary grinding wheel, it should use the special cutting blade or by plasma cutting technology. 

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